About us

2011 was a year of reviewing the structure and goals of Sarcheshmeh Copper Investment Company, with the aim of consolidating resources, improving productivity and synergy through the integration of group activities, parallel and focused. In this regard, the plan to merge the companies of Hamgaman Mes, Jangal Kar and Saman Mes Azin companies was proposed and according to the approvals of the extraordinary assemblies of these companies and the decision of the relevant boards, it was decided that Jangal Kar and Saman Mes Azin companies in the technical engineering company and Hamgaman Mes Services to redefine, coordinate and implement the responsibilities, goals and plans of the other two companies. For this purpose, all assets, liabilities, capital and equity of these two companies to Hamgaman Mes Company. It was transferred and the relevant changes were registered in No. 14226 on 14/4/91 (Saman Mes Azin) and No. 19308 on 5/19/2012 (Jangal Kar) in Rafsanjan Registry Office. Hamgaman Mes Technical Engineering and Service Company currently has one hundred and twenty billion Rials of capital, including one hundred and twenty million shares of one thousand Rials. Prior to this, each of the companies subject to this merger, as well-known and well-known brands of Sarcheshmeh Copper Investment Complex, has left a brilliant record of specialized activities. Today, these records support the credit and social capital of Hamgaman Mes Company. At present, Hamgaman Mes Company is ready to provide services in the field of services in the field of engineering, engineering, welfare and green space affairs with a wealth of knowledge and experience of many years in Kerman province and even in the vast geography of Iran. This knowledge and experience is enough that in recent years, the various services of Hamgaman Copper Company have gone beyond the scope of the Copper Company and have attracted the attention of other major employers in the region. Currently, activity in the capital and stock markets is one of the new programs. This is the company.