Leading loan registration

1. Copy of the first page of the identity card (borrower and guarantor) 2. Copy of the national card behind and fornt (borrower and guarantor) 3. salary slip (borrower and guarantor) 4. Print of the loan application form in 5 copies (will complete at the time of application) 5. Sayyad cheque in the amount of 330,000,000 Rials 6.  Promissory note in the amount of 375,000,000 Rials  (if borrower Or guarantor have not a Sayyad cheque ) .
*Anyone must have an official guarantor of the copper company (be not social security personnel, social security retirees and copper fund retirees) and be not second guarantor of the copper company employees or companies affiliated with the national copper industry. * If promissory is in the file, the section of warranty promissory note will be signed and the rest of the promissory note specification will be signed to in the section of guarantors specification in behind the form.